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Working for yourself

When you decide to start your own business, it is usually because the grass looks's on your terms, you have no one to answer to, take time off when you want to, make lots of money.

More of the opposite is's on everyone else's terms; suppliers, clients, staff, landlords, banks, utility suppliers, local authority etc, etc.

You have everyone to answer to; tax man, insurance companies, licence providers, government legislation, college etc, etc.

You work more hours than you ever did being employed, because you want your business to be a success, you want to reduce costs, you don't want to ask more of your staff than you already do, you need to know the answers, etc, etc.

You may make money, but it’s not all for your pocket; bills need paid and many of them have commercial charges or licences attached because you're a business.

Banks charge us for swapping notes for coins, they charge us for paying our money into our account that we pay them to keep open.

We have to pay for licences to play music in the salon, we pay to have our general waste collected (legal obligation)

We pay fees to provide clients with the convenience of card payments, appointment systems with reminder texts and secure data collection and of course taxes!

Working for yourself can be very rewarding when you have staff you can trust, who are competent in their work and ability to positively promote and support your business.

Being lucky enough to find staff you can rely make all the other factors a little easier to deal with. In my case it has recently allowed me to branch out and develop my own personal skills which will be delivered back into the business. It is also a more than a full-time job, you usually start a business because you have a skill to offer so you have a day to day floor time job, you have a back office job and also out of hours’ time for developing aspects of your business, services and structure; providing an almost 24/7 service for clients.

IF you love what you do its never a is hard work and you never switch off, be get out what you put in ❤️

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