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OMG! I feel like Midnight you remember that program? It was good in the 80's probably very corny now lol

So at 8pm I decided to crack on with some website updates, procedure policies and booking system settings. I thought if I make a bit of head space I could get back to re-booking, which is temporarily on hold until Thursday 18th June, no bad reason just waiting for confirmations and because the diary is filling up I am trying not to muddle it up!!!

It's now 2.30am and I am policy'd out...but I am still wide awake and after a restless night last night I am very surprised, but motivated.

I've just deleted half a blog!!! I started rambling about COVID and I don't want to and I am sure you don't want to hear it AGAIN!

Mr Tom (my husband for those of you who don't know) just returned to work on Sunday after a 3 week holiday. We were suppose to be in Delamere Forrest with the caravan, so initially he was very disappointed and only taking 2 weeks holiday. Then I mentioned sorting the garden; its been like a scrap yard for over a year since a rat made Tom pull the decking up! Yep he sharp changed his tune and having 3 weeks holiday. Over the last 3 weeks tom has now been promoted to Captain Tom, long story but thought he was Batman at one point (Don't worry Debbie, it was in his head!)

Anyway, we haven't spent more that a week together since oh 2002 probably so 3 weeks was fun...we laughed, danced, hobbled with aches and pains and only had 2 fraught over a very big paving slab and the other over a railway sleeper! BUT, we had so many laughs with Jenny the wheel barrow...we named it after a cool friend as we discovered the wheel barrow was like our friend, all over the place and makes us laugh (its a compliment marra)

You all know gardening can be heavy and thirsty work. We did most of our heavy stuff in the beautiful sunny fortnight we had, so the Bud was I've not seen so many empty bottles in one place (and I use to work in a busy club) He now thinks I'm an alcoholic! My argument is, nothing better than a nice cold beer when you're on holiday (abroad I'm referring to) so when you have the sun at home and can't go anywhere, why not pretend? I mean...I never had one before 11.30!

During the garden project we have moved A LOT of materials around; 5 tonnes of sand, 2 tonnes of gravel, 2 tonnes of slabs, 3 tonnes of top soil, 1 tonne of boulders and 1 tonne of cobbles, this does not include lifting, moving smashing and moving a 4m x 9m block driveway and i'm still fat!!! Must be the Bud lol The nice bits are happening now, painting, planting, waiting for furniture...hope we have some nice summer evening to enjoy it.

Oh and something amazing has happened...My staircase and hall way are almost finished! I know a lot of you might be congratulating me the rest are think, 'So what?' Let me tell you, It has been 4 years since I started. Tom doesn't decorate, but does help to strip walls and lift carpets...only I ran out of steam by the time i got to the stairs so took a few weeks off. I then got constantly side tracked with a salon move, fundraising and trek. I the started in the two bedrooms and ran out of steam again...then lock-down. I have been held up getting materials or it would have been complete, but all my panelling in on, new skirting boards and dado. The ceiling is papered (its nice traditional paper) the top of the walls are painted and coving is up, I just need to paint the panelling then we can get the stair carpet...RESULT!

Get this... I ordered 4 scaffold shelves and brackets just after I plastered a repair in the passage the ceiling (quite early on) I then sealed it, papered it, put coving up, chased the wall to move the radiator, painted the ceiling, painted the walls x 3 coats, made a pine trunk, waxed it, decoupaged the inside of it, made a coat hook rack, gilded a mirror, hung new lights, waxed the banister and spindles. We fixed skirting boards, dado rail and panelling. I hung the mirror, we fitted the coat rack THEN moved onto the garden...

I still haven't got my shelves up!!! The shelves came last week after being in transit for 3 weeks (not, they lied) but they didn't send the brackets??? Fuming, I could have done them my self, but thought I'd treat us...

It's now 3.55am, I am actually pleased I'm not at work tomorrow, there'd be some dodgy cuts lol. I'm going ti sign out now an leave you with some of my lock-down photos.

Take care everyone, miss you and so looking forward to seeing you all soon

Lots of love xxx

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