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Its Happening!!!

So its eventually happening, I can only imaging how happy many of you are!

Its been a lot of work and resourcing, but I am happy to say, that following government guidance issued, on this occasion I have fulfilled safe working practice, we just have to put it in motion.

All details about what we will be doing can be found at on the COVID-19 'READ ME' pop up link.

The down side is that the salon will look less like a salon and more like a clinical factory and probably smell like it too.

As well as completing risk assessments, sanitising and hygiene procedures, and working procedures I am still taking appointments. Appointments with me are now, mainly, booked up until the beginning of August. Ann is working Tuesdays again during July and I am working Mondays during July to ensure we can offer as many initial appointment slots as possible and will remain under review until we can relax the new measures and resume regular appointment cycles.

There are a few things that are changing,

  • No dry cuts, every non colour client must have their hair shampooed even out gentlemen clients.

  • Only hairdressing treatment will be available, no waxing, nails or microblading until the government allows us.,

  • All colour clients MUST come with recently washed (that day) dry hair, failure to do so may result in treatment not being carried out as we can not be as flexible as we use to be.

  • Appointment MUST be made by telephone, we have to reduce the none essential human traffic in the salon.

  • Clients MUST attend their appointment alone unless vulnerable, this unfortunately means no children too.

  • Waiting outside until your stylist calls you in, no waiting area. Not my favourite as we have always had a happy little community of clients, but safety is paramount.

  • Card payments whenever possible.

  • We will still be offering tea, coffee and water but in disposable cups using disposable tea spoons.

  • We will also probably NOT look like hairdressers, with masks, visors and hair tied up, sorry, but again essential.oh and yes, I can now get my hair into a pony tail as many of you probably can lol.

  • 50% client capacity, no interlocking appointments and less flexibility.

  • There is also a small price increase to every service.

  • Appointments made will NOT be adjustable at the time of your appointment due to new booking procedures to ensure social distancing and avoid over crowding. Sorry :-(

Many initial changes for us behind the scenes and probably more as we progress, but we hope to still provide the service you have been use to and yes we will be chatting, just nit the usual antics lol I know many of you know what I mean, I will have to be more reserved???

Oh and don't panic, I already have stock for your treatments...and plenty of it!!!

Can't wait to see you,

Lots of love

Stacey x

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