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...And the New Year?

Wonder Woman
This is how I intended to enter 2020...

After a busy 2019 at Moda Capelli, learning new skills and knowledge, creating new workspaces, applying for licences and generally entering a world of new procedures, and protocols.

A busy Christmas beautifying my gorgeous clients ready for the 'Big Man' and showing off in our annual Christmas Eve fancy dress.

I was looking forward to my time off at New Year to implement new treatment schemes, plan advanced training and strategize 2020 goals.

I was ready to leap, dance and deliver with every inch of my being, "I was going to be her" "She was going to be me!" I was armed and prepared....


This is how I actually entered 2020!!!

It happened, my workspace became clouded, stuffy, weak and exhaustive!

What I managed to avoid leading up to this point had finally smuggled its way into my system and 'squatted!' Yep! the bug hit and instead of a laptop, diary and materials (along with and adult drink to keep the party season alive) I was now surrounded with breathing aids, tissue, remedies and hot sips!!! Feeling shrivelled, deflated and blind through a cloak of tears from non-successful sneezing urges all I could do was think, store my thoughts and convert them into ideas.

Now back to work, back to juggling on the floor and back office duties, but hey I roll better that way. They always say if you want something done ask a busy person!

Lots of Love x

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