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Cleansing, Protecting & Bonding

Colour protect shampoo, conditioner and mask with bonding agent.

Intense hair repair shampoo, conditioner and mask with silksteel Fusion program.

How It Works

ColorMotion+ How it works. Up to 8 weeks of colour protection* With WellaPlex bonding agent. Colour care elevated beyond anti fading. A good care regime will improve coloured hair quality in three areas... 1. Colour protection, 2. Vibrant shine, 3. Stronger hair ** Excellent hair quality for beautiful colour! *when using structure+ mask. **when using structure+ mask vs no treatment. See our take home treatments available.

ColorMotion Protection

ColorMotion+ Colour Protection Shampoo ColorMotion+ is a dedicated colour protecting shampoo for colour treated hair that takes colour care beyond just anti-fading, offering up to 8 weeks of colour protection. Helps lock in colour while preserving hair’s smoothness and shine. Additional anti-oxidant to improve protection against free radicals. Clear consistency with luxurious foam is leaving hair smooth (250ml) £15.30


ColorMotion Moisturising Colour Reflection Conditioner The Moisturising Color Reflection conditioner for frequent use helps restore the hair surface quality for a vibrant shine. Provides strengthened hair structure, shine and lasting manageability. With WellaPlex bonding agent. Helps to reconstruct inner hair bonds (200ml) £17.20


ColorMotion+ Structure Mask With WellaPlex bonding agent. Intensive Restructuring Mask For Coloured Hair. Provides strengthened hair structure, shine and lasting manageability. Helps to reconstruct inner hair bonds (150ml) £17.50


Fusion Intense Repair Mask. If your hair is in need of nurture, this luxurious creamy mask for damaged hair will help to repair and protect against breakage. The mask contains intensely conditioning ingredients and amino acids Leave on the hair for 5 minutes (150ml) £17,50

How It Works

Fusion, the next dimension in hair recovery. Up to 95% more resilience against breakage* Wella Professionals 1st instant and long lasting hair care recovery regime from salon to home! *vs non conditioning shampoo.

Fusion Conditioner

Fusion Intense Repair Conditioner repairs and protects the hair against breakage and damage. Able to penetrate the hairs cortex, it instantly starts to recover hair fibre and helps to prevent future hair breakage (200ml) £17.20


Fusion Intense Repair Shampoo. Inspired by spider silk. This delicate shampoo for damaged hair will help to repair your hair and will leave it clean and cared for. The shampoo’s technology removes metallic impurities through antioxidant action (250ml) £15.30

No Breaker
Hybrid bonding spray with plex technology that strengthens hair on the inside making it easier to style.

No Breaker

New breakthrough hybrid care and style product, delivering up to 99% less hair breakage* A leave-in bonding spray that delivers results. Instantly noticeable difference after first use. *vs using a low conditioning shampoo.

What It Does

What I do...


What I contain...

How It Works

How I work...

No.Breaker vs no No Breaker

An instant difference after one use. Used weekly as part of your hair care regime will improve the look and feel of your hair as well as maintaining its glamour. Strength comes from with in!


No Breaker hybrid care and style product that delivers 99% less breakage. Instant results after one use, continuous results if used weekly as part of your new regime. Helps to repair damage caused by hot tools and chemicals (100ml) RRP £32.60 Intro price £21.50 (while stocks last)

No Breaker

Contact us for stock levels at introductory price...still worth RRP and goes a long way! Happy No Breaking

How To Use

How to use me... Section the hair and spray from root to tip. Comb through before blow drying. Blow dry as usual.

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