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Salon Prices

In my last post I briefly outlined some of the expenses involved in running the salon. We want to offer our clients a superior service with modern conveniences such as card payments, online bookings, social media platforms, reminder services, website etc, but to do this each and every item incurs a cost.

To offer extra services, latest trends and trending treatments we have to train, purchase supplies, take time away from the salon and time to perfect them; this also costs.

We want you to experience nice surroundings, good quality products, little extras and great company.

Many who know me know I don't like talking money and know I often deliver extra treatments at no cost, because I can, however, I won't undersell myself or my staffs capabilities, we have all invested a lot of time and effort over the years perfecting, developing and personalising our work.

Each and every client receives a bespoke service to them with quality and satisfaction.

We keep our prices as competitive as possible, but please only compare us to salons set up, offering treatments and products that are on par to us.

Most salons with higher treatment costs are promoting a commitment to the industry; they have many costs to cover as they are adhering to legislation, local authority and national guidelines. They are following health and safety, using CE approved products and equipment. We complying with legal requirements such as bank accounts, GDPR, insurances, licences, NMW as well as everything and anything else that is added along the please don't think higher priced salons are 'ripping you off' not all of them are, they are usually the good guys!

You are always welcome at Moda Capelli and we look forward to seeing you!

Lots of Love x

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