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Busy! Busy! Busy!

My time And energy has been consumed with maintaining the salon standards and safety preventing my previous activity levels on our social media platforms.

It has been a rollercoaster of emotions and new experiences. Feeling overwhelmed, deflated, ecstatic and satisfied all at once!

We are now able to carry out all the services we offer, which is brilliant, but time is short! Appointments are limited for social distancing, safety measures and human stamina is taking blows like never before.

I love my job, but like many of you, hate the new normal!!!

Ann and I have a stable routine going with our clients and Courtney has done a great job keeping out client areas hygienic, so we feel now is a good time for Courtney to get back to ‘hands on’ It has two positive impacts, firstly it allows Courtney to reignite her apprenticeship and secondly, it allows Ann or I to use our third appropriate workstation, creating more appointment slots 👍🏻 Yesterday was the first day as near old normal as it could be since 4th July because if this, allowing us to almost work as we used to (albeit in sweltering PPE) creating a little more atmosphere and normality back in to the salon 🙌🏻

Its going to be a long road, but we will travel it together and unitedly emerge from the other end ❤️ Lots of love 💓

Stacey x

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