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World Mental Health Day

2020 has been an exceedingly difficult year for all of us.

COVID19 has brought us many challenges, but the worry of keeping loved ones safe, stresses of employment, grief, potential hardship, and mental health strains have been some of its worst.

We are often seen as ‘Just Hairdressers’ who weren’t bright enough to follow a different career path, we play with hair all day, and just chat about the weather and holidays...stereotyping us like this couldn’t be further from the truth, especially at Moda Capelli.

For many people coming to the salon is a release, time out or a treat.

We are a neutral party in many of your lives and we chat about an array of topics.

We listen to and experience the worries, sadness and concerns you have with empathy and a shoulder to lean on.

Celebrations of weddings, jobs, babies and houses, allow us to rejoice with you and feel your happiness. Seeing people glow with joy is as uplifting for us as it is for you.

With the restrictions on meeting family and friends, we are one of the familiar faces you currently have the ‘pleasure’ of seeing.

As a friend, for a couple of hours, we aim to help make life seem a little like it use to be.

We can give a touch of normality and an escape from the prison we now call life!

Loneliness is one of the biggest public health challenges, but visiting the salon is proven to uplift and energise the loneliest of people, in-turn improving your general wellbeing.

Back in May, Tom Chapman, a mental health campaigner, said hairdressers and barbers should be essential workers in fear of a mental health crisis was looming...

How many of you feel the same?

Has your mental well-being suffered?

Would a visit to us have helped you?

We do not just offer haircuts and colours, but a listening ear in the strictest of confidence.

We are not just hairdressers, but Hairapists...

Although our initial training is about listening to you regarding your hair requirements, we develop this over time and often recognise signs of physical, mental and clinical changes.

Working closely with people, at intervals of several weeks, some changes can be apparent upon your physical being, others as we talk and work.

Do not worry in silence,

Do not bottle your concerns,

A problem shared is a problem halved...We care ❤️

Visit for a full list of services we offer. Our online booking will be activated again by mid October. You will be able to arrange your 'uplifting' at the time you need it! See you soon.

Lots of Love


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