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Locks a plenty

Need to tame or control your locks? A firm favorite for unruly hair is Liss Control (2) gel cream it reduces frizz, adds shine and softness, and has 24 hour anti-humidity protection. Liss Control Plus (1) is an intense version of previous, it controls unwanted volume and has a frizz tamer look for up to 24 hours. Blow dry or leave to dry naturally. We like to use Liss Control Plus after drying as a polish, adding shine. Finishing with Fix Design (5) extra strong hold wet spray that we would recommend for curly or up do finishes. Fix Anti-Frizz (4) spray for a dryer application that controls frizz for up to 24 hours, enhances shine with a strong hold.

Tecni.ART is a full cocktail range which we offer suggestions for. We can offer a more personalized recommendation during actual consultations.

All our recommendations are based on our current Tecni.Art stock and are not exhaustive, additional products will be inevitable.

Numbers after product denote hold factor; 5 being strongest.

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