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Product tips for COVID-19 home colouring. all honesty, even if I could, I can not offer you advice on particular colours to buy in the shops. This is because I take no notice of them and haven't for years. I obviously have no need to.

When shopping for colour, or to be safe at this time, research online first so you know exactly what you are looking for...minimises your risk time. Please note, I am not advising or encouraging you to venture out right now, but if you do need to shop, be careful.

Firstly I would always recommend (for a temporary fix we are probably looking for at the minute) that you avoid permanent hair colour. Opt for a semi permanent/ quasi colour at the most. These may be described as 'tone on tone' or up to 28 washes. They can offer 50 - 70% coverage of white hair. They fade out with very little tell tail regrowth. The fade time will often equate to a permanent re-touch appointment. It will also be relatively easy to resume your usual colouring treatment when we re-open. Semi permanent colours will also present a multi tonal colour appose to 'box' dyes that are flooded with pigments and deliver a flat mono tone colour.

Stay away from colours that contain silicone resins such as trimethylsiloxysilcate, propylphenylsilsesquioxane and dimethicone (a silicone derivative) these can seal/ lock colour in the hair and cause 'banding' issues with future colouring and lightening processes.

Avoid metallic based dyes, the metallic salts interact with the sulfur in your hairs protein and turns the protein into an engineered colour. The problem is metallic based colours do not interact well with other chemicals/ colouring products and can cause an unreal reaction when you return to for your usual colour treatment. Your hair will 'die' Metal oxides such as titanium dioxide and iron oxide should be avoided.

Be mindful that 'box' colours will only lift up to 2 shades, visual displays are usually applied to white hair, so if you are not white or very light naturally, you will not get the shade shown. and end up with a very distorted colour interpretation of the shade chosen.

Check the amount of activator given, you would typically need approximately 30 to 36mls of product in total to achieve an average root re-touch effectively. Check the ratio of mixing too (not always as image below) to ensure you will have enough product.

Do not exceed the development times given, you will not achieve a deeper, darker, lighter or richer colour result. You will only increase the risk of sensitising your scalp and developing a reaction to over exposure.

Bleaching...DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS AT HOME...Please, this is predominantly an expert treatment and quality products must be used for satisfactory results.

Application Tips on next blog.

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