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Application tips

Firstly, get a helper and find somewhere to work where spillages will cause minimum damage to flooring, furniture etc.

Gather your PPE;


*Gown/Towel/Old T-shirt

*Apron (for your helper)

Now gather your tools;

*Non-metallic Bowl (best) or Applicator bottle

*Tinting brush

*Towel (for your colour stand)


*Section clips x 3

*Mirror (you need to keep check on you helper, its likely to be your hubby lol)

Providing your patch test showed no concerning reactions** mix your colour accurately following manufacturers instructions.

Your helper should be wearing their PPE, and you should have your shoulders, at least, covered.

  • Using the comb draw it from one ear to the other over your crown (parting the hair into back and front section). Clip the two front sections securely out of the way.

  • From the centre of the parting you have just made, draw the comb in a straight line down to the nape, creating two back sections (clip one side out of the way)

  • On the section left loose, starting at the top, take diagonal sections between the partings with the end of the tint brush, no more than half a cm thick and hold up off the head.

  • Load the tint brush with product, do not saturate, and paint on the regrowth area from the scalp to the previous colour line. Paint each side of each sub section and ensure the tint is pushed through. Allow tinted section to sit over the top of the head as you work down the head.

  • Continue down to the nape using this method.

  • Repeat on the second back section.

  • Take the comb again and draw it, as a continuation of the central back parting, from the crown to the front hair line, creating 2 front sections.

  • As with the back sections, take diagonal section between the partings. Travel from the crown towards the front hairline. Allow the tinted sections to sit over the back of the head as you work forward.

  • Repeat on second front section.

  • Set your timer according to manufacturers instructions.

If you are using an applicator bottle remember to shake it well to mix.

Apply the same sectioning method.

Squeeze a small amount of colour onto the regrowth area.

Use your finger to rub the colour up to the previous colour line.

Take care around the face of colour transfer. This will not only stain if you are using a dark colour, but may make contact with the eyes (read instructions for guidance on this)

Apply as quickly as possible as the colour starts oxidising (developing) as soon as the activator is added (remember over exposure!!!)

When it comes to rinsing, ensure you rinse well at first, approximately 5 minutes. If you are using a dark colour then allow it to run clear. If you are using a lighter colour you will feel the difference in the coating of your hair.

Always shampoo twice, it is important that all the colour is removed to avoid residue and possible 'creeping oxidation' (continued development at a slower rate)

TIP: use a sulfate - free shampoo and conditioner, it will prolong your colour results.


Again I would rather you didn't colour your own hair, however we have now idea how long COVID-19 is going to affect us so I would much prefer to help you do it the best you can.

**Reactions; Itching (not tingling) Redness, Raised rash, Irritation, Swollen lips, Eye lid swelling, Swelling of mouth/throat/tongue, Trouble swallowing, Facial swelling, Swelling in the hands and feet, Lightheaded or faint, Wheezing,Sickness/nausea, Collapse.

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