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Lets IRON it out!

So now we talk about straighteners. Using them as a finishing tool, on top of the amazing blow dry you have learnt to do, you should minimize heat damage!

* Plates; Tourmaline plates with Ionic technology are best means more moisture and shine, less static and frizz. Quick and easy clean. Titanium plates are more popular and durable, they heat up quick and evenly.

* Temperature; Hottest isn't always best, your hairs keratin starts melting at 233 degrees. (The finer the hair, the cooler the temperature) Look for a temperature scale.

* Size; Plate width matters. A rough guide to what suits;

*Thick and curly: 1-1.5 inches

*Mid-length: 1-2 inches

*Long: 1.5-2 inches

*Fine and wavy: 0.5-1.25" (short), 1-1.5" (mid-length) or 1.25-2" (long)

* Type; We always say dual frequency corded style for travel and reliable performance.

* Extras to consider; Auto shut down for safety. Salon length cord. Interchangeable plates if you like versatile styling.

* A good warranty!

We like;

*Corioliss C1 & C3 Professional irons. Prices range from £50 to £85 + VAT

*Elchim Natures Touch approx £95 +VAT

Of course a common favourite for many are ghd's

Buy the best you can afford, fit for purpose.

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