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Fine & Flat?

Boost your locks by using the appropriate products. Volume Architect (3) is a thickening lotion for a natural look and helps root lift. Full Volume Extra (5) is again a favorite for a voluminous bouncy blow-dry with that hold factor. Constructor (3) is a dual product with heat protection, thermo- active it will amplify volume while creating chic texture. Super Dust (3) powder is again among our favorites, with its texturing properties and grip, it will add volume and allow you to create XL hair-up

Finish with Fix Anti-Frizz (4) or the lightweight Infinium spray.

Thick hair tomorrow.

Tecni.ART is a full cocktail range which we offer suggestions for. We can offer a more personalized recommendation during actual consultations.

All our recommendations are based on our current Tecni.Art stock and are not exhaustive, additional products will be inevitable.

Numbers after product denote hold factor; 5 being strongest.

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