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Clients always say they can’t blow dry as good as a stylist, let us show you in a few steps you can!

You will need: recommended individual appropriate product(s),* a brush,* section grips and good quality hair dryer.*

1. Apply your product as directed, evenly through the hair or specific area of need.

2. If your hair is thick, long and/ or holds a lot of water then blast your hair dry by up to 50%. Ensure the nozzle of your hair dryer points down the hair shaft (from root to tip) sending its airflow with the lay of the cuticle (starting to close it)

3. From the nape of your neck leave a section, equivalent to the size of your brush, and secure the rest of the hair out the way with your section grips.

4. Set your dryer on medium heat, place your brush underneath the section at the scalp, keeping moderate tension of the section, travel your brush and hair dryer towards the tips of your hair; ensuring the air flow is directed down the hair shaft in the lay of the cuticle.

Repeat this step several times until the hair is dry. On your last repeat use the cold shot button on your hair dryer (or flick heat setting to cool) and blast the section with the airflow, again, directed in the lay of the cuticle. The cold blast of air cools the hair and better holds the shape you have created.

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you have dried all your hair.

6. you can incorporate side sections as you go or concentrate on the back, then the sides, then the top; it's personal preference.

7. You now have the best possible base for use of further finishing tools such as straighteners or curling wands/ tongs without causing excess damage.

See the magnified hair example tomorrow

*All our recommendations will be found on our website or blog pages or you can contact us for further assistance.

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