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Brush with the PRO'S

* Shape; round brushes are better for ease of use and control. A paddle brush is best for one length naturally straight (virgin) hair or often very thick hair.

* Ceramic tourmaline; absorb the heat of the hairdryer and distribute it more evenly reducing effects of heat damage.

* Firm bristles; 'grab' the hair allowing you to control and create your style. Nylon or boar bristles mix are gentle and give shiny results. 100% boar bristle is best for fine hair.

* Good grip handle; make easy work of twisting and twirling without dropping!

* Sizes; smaller sizes create better curl effects. Larger sizes create better volume. Often a size smaller than your stylist is easier for home styling. Own at least two sizes at a time.

We love a round brush and currently use the Fudge range with sizes from 25mm to 53mm.

Prices, in general, range from £10 to £17 depending on manufacturer.

Buy the best you can afford, it will last years.

Regularly de-hair your brush and wash it with....? Shampoo!

Maintenance keeps it new.

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