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Saturday to Full Time

The transition from school to full time work was scary! Split sgifts with late nights, training nights and a boss that was ruthless! Stacey secures her first job (YTS) before leaving school. A large well known (no longer exists) salon in Morpeth. Mainly a nice group of people with lots of experience and knowledge to share. One of 3 juniors for 5 stylists. College tutors would come to the salon on training nights to assess Stacey, Michelle and Ashley, daily they would feed from their stylists and practice on training heads. It was quite a strict salon; only being able to sit for as long as it took to eat lunch or pee! They would polish fake plants when it was quite, seek the bosses newspaper at 3pm every day or even help his wife in her florist shop downstairs. Stacey lasted a year before leaving in 1993. She had to find work that paid enough to support herself...3 part time jobs it was!!!

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