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Couldn't shake the passion...

For almost 3 years Stacey worked 3 part time jobs to support herself. A school taxi escort 7.30 to 9.30am and 2.45 to 4.30pm. A school kitchen assistant 11am-2pm then bar work 3-4 nights per week (all weekends)

Fed up with dead end jobs she began to desperately miss her passion. All Stacey wanted to do was ’Know’ about what she loved!

By the age of 20 Stacey had met and was living with her future husband, they were a happy couple, but Stacey still missed hairdressing and approaching 20 years old, knew opportunities were going to be thin in the ground!

In June 1996 a vacancy came up in a newly opened salon. Discussing it with hubby, she applied, interviewed and got the job!

A full time post, a drop in pay, but Stacey was now an apprentice hairdresser!!!! (Again)

Luckily her new employer saw something she had to offer. Within 6 months Stacey was building her clientele up; doing actual pating clients and even had regulars!!!

She stayed with the company for 6 years, being part of a team that built the business up, worked in its prime...A talked about salon, her own clientele and a management position!

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