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HDB day 2...

Wowza!!! Well today (Tuesday 30th April 2019) has been a very intensive day! We twice applied all the steps of HD BROWS,

Once with substitutes, allowing us to put the elements together and flow with the process.

Second time was from consultation to aftercare using ALL actual products.

Understanding our strengths, working on our weaknesses and squashing our concerns and frustrations has been today’s focus.

Tailoring the finished look to ‘Wow’ the whole process has also been an exciting element of the learning.

It has been overwhelming, draining, but also exhilarating 🤯😰🥰

Leaving the academy armed with a treatment kit and retail bundle for my HD Brow clients to maintain their journey at home in between salon visits...

The HD Brow journey will enable many of you to achieve your dream brows ❤️

Keep an eye on and social posts for further updates and introductory offers 💅🏻

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