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Balayage with Jack Howard

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

Monday 4th February 2019. An exciting day for Stacey and Ann. In London for a full day with global educator and master of Balayage, Jack Howard!!!

An insight to Jacks portfolio and A-Listers he looks after. A great discussion on balayage issues and corrective and perfecting steps to take. Jack gave us an initial wealth of information to up our game and provide the latest trend in the salon with precision and ease.

Two live model demos from Jack, talking us through areas of interest and dispelling the fears of them. Two totally different techniques, with equally gorgeous results.

A fun and supportive afternoon workshop applying the techniques discussed and shown. Jack is a fun, informative and supportive educator...he wants to share his mastery and delivers an effortless session. We had a great day!!!

Contact us or book your consultation online for your Balayage service.. . or

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