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What is Microblading?

Microblading is an advanced form of cosmetic tattooing. Although it is a semi-permanent treatment the retained pigment will never leave your skin, however, an annual colour re-fresh treatment is recommended to ensure your brows maintain their appeal.

Using a specialist hand tool, made up of tiny needles, channels are created in the brow and pigment is deposited via the channels to create the finest of strokes, representing the absent brow hairs.

Microblading is the ideal treatment for people who have few or no eye brows due to over-plucking fashions, past illnesses and treatments, naturally fine eyebrows or through the ageing process.

Microblading can also offer various results whether you have a good amount of brow hair or not, such as;

*Fuller brows

*More defined brows

*A more flattering brow

*Minimal daily maintenance


*Youthful appearance

*A lifted, brighter appearance

*Symmetrical brows

*Darker colour

*Natural or structured looking brows

The Hand Tool & Needles

kb pro glider rage used at moda capell ashington
kb pro micro neele nge used at moda capelli ashington


kb pro microblading pigments a moda capelli ashington

The K.B Pro pigment range we use consists of 12 pigment colours to compliment all skin tones. Along side the main tones we also have 5 colour adjusters helping us create your bespoke brow colour.

Click on the gallery above to view examples of

our work.

Microblading is a permanent treatment and due to its invasive qualities, must be carried out in a controlled environment.

To ensure you are choosing the best technician for your treatment or the safest environment, you must explore your technicians training background;

*Where have they trained?

*What is the trainers reputation?

*What qualification has your technician gained?

*How much time has been spent training.


All these answers will tell you enough, before you even see the treatment area.

When you visit your technician it is worth noting, insurance certificates, local authority licences (for the premises & the technicians) and your technicians qualifications.

This will not only tell you that your technician is following legislation, but it will also demonstrate their commitment to delivering a quality treatment.

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