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The Treatment

At enquiry, you will be asked to complete a small initial questionnaire to allow a quick assessment before proceeding to a thorough medical questionnaire and consent form. These must be completed to ensure the procedure can be carried out safely without any adverse affects to you or the finished result. 

A patch test must be applied at least 24 hours before your appointment; this can be applied in the salon or by yourself at home (instructions given)

At your appointment we will complete the final forms, and establish the brow look you want;

*Why you want the treatment

*What you expect from the treatment

* Shape, size and structure

*Select your pigment colour

*Draw your brow design

*Agree and confirm the look

You will be in a lying down position during the treatment it's self and only yourself and your technician will be allowed in the treatment room. You will wear a bonnet to contain your hair and reduce infection; expect your technician to wear appropriate salon clothing, apron, gloves and face mask. Your technician will work from above your head, sitting and/or standing.

Your technician will speak only to ensure your comfort; making conversation encourages brow movement which, as you can imagine, is not ideal during the treatment. The treatment will last approximately 1.5 to 2 hours.

You will be given an aftercare pack with balm and aftercare instructions along with an appointment in 4-6 weeks for a top-up treatment, but please remember your treatment may take up to 3 sessions to be fully complete.

Due to everyday cleansing routines, cosmetic products, skin treatments & enhancers, sunbeds and the elements, it is recommended that an annual colour re-fresh treatment is carried out to prolong the beauty of your brows.

We use KB Pro   award winning pigments, 2016, 2017, 2018 & 2019, that have been extensively formulated to ensure the best possible natural colour results. They also contain a unique flaxen pigment technology stabilising the colour and again ensuring the best possible retention results.

*Watch out for offer prices on our social media and in news letters

*A 50% non-returnable deposit will be required at the time of treatment booking



Initial treatment including up to 2 top-ups

Annual colourre-fresh



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