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So on top of everything else my laptop decided to lockdown with us all to, but now I'm back up and running. Yipee!!!

How is everyone?

I hope you are all safe and well...I am fit and well, keeping busy with unfinished jobs around the house. Unfortunately I don't have all the materials needed to fully finish, but it brings me a step closer!

It's been a very strange several days so far to say the least. Never have I been so glued to daily updates and GOV.UK email alerts, but they are keeping me informed on actions I need to take for the business.

Mr Tom is still working, longer hours than normal due to his amended rotas, but he's a trooper and gets the job done. I worry about some of the ignorant people who have been travelling and some of the older generation who won't be told what to do. They don't appreciate the severity of their actions and in turn risk other peoples safety. I mean...essential shopping isn't a 32 mile round trip to Newcastle???

Loving your posts and messages on social many funny videos, loving messages and general contact. Keeping everyone's spirits high is important, no matter how worried we are, as someone will always be in a darker or more secluded place. One of my best friends texts me every second day just to check in, another sends several humorous videos daily and that's enough to let someone know they not forgotten.

I am always available if any of you want a chat, not about hair, but anything...just send a message. We are all cooped up and have no release and an outside ear can often help. Don't go mad...just anyone!

Stay safe, Stay Well and Stick together.

Lots of Love

Stacey x

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