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Day 15

It’s been a busy couple of weeks since closing the salon.

Firstly figuring out who to talk to, where to action tasks, what to do first and hours spent on hold listening to badly transmitted music; repetitive ‘Sorry to keep you waiting, an adviser will answer your call shortly’ with a tone that sounded far from ‘sorry’ Automated, not personal...I know, but not very welcome considering the situation the country has been thrust into! I found myself conversing with the automated message...I was also stone cold sober lol.

Secondly, I then decide what to do with my time. Many fellow stylist started doing online training, which I looked at, but were very basic, and let’s face it, big hair houses are not going to deliver valuable content for free and who blame them? Those who know me, know I love the theory behind my work and keep it up to date anyway. There are business seminars, which again are quite generic and when you feel in the balance with no insight to how you weigh up eventually, faced with this unknown situation, no body can give you the answers to you specific situation.

My own mentality and experience tells me the only way to save a business from financial collapse is to put money in it... My business is constantly on my mind, I have ideas for when we re-open for sure, I also have realistic views as to how people’s financial situations may be affected. With this in mind, my focus is on keeping the business afloat financially, addressing salon activity when we re-open and considering my next move from there. Activity on social media, as a business, at the minute is quite a grey area, so our presence will be absent for a while, however, I will blog as much as possible and as soon as we can re-open, you will see us on our usual platforms too.

Stay safe and well

Sending love

Stacey x

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